Marble Slabs in Richmond Hill for Bathroom Comfort and Elegance

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Marble slabs in Richmond Hill offer a sleek modern enhancement to any home they are in. Whether you have marble slabs in your kitchen or bathroom, your stylish addition will offer a lifetime of beauty, elegance, and practicality to your Richmond Hill home.

Marble Slabs for the Bathroom

Marble is a natural stone that is formed through the crystallization of minerals, mainly calcite and dolomite. Through the process of marble’s formation, it obtains many different designs and patterns that are unique to each area of the stone. No two marble slabs, even when cut from the same rock, will have the exact same look. This is the allure of this stunning natural stone product. Because of this uniqueness, many people choose to have marble slabs installed in their bathroom, rather than tiles. There are several ways you can take advantage of the stunning elegance of marble slabs in your bathroom. One of the most common uses is marble slab shower stalls. The striking floor to ceiling slabs of marble will make your bathroom a centerpiece in your home. Marble Slabs are also used as countertops in many Richmond Hill bathrooms. Depending on the size of the countertop area you have to cover, you could have one continuous slab with no joins. The visual appeal of this countertop is unmatched. A continuous slab will mean that you won’t have to worry about trying to match the joins as closely as possible for the natural look.

Marble Slab Installation

Although marble tile installation is far easier and it is generally a project that can be completed even by an amateur "do-it-yourself” renovator, marble slab installation is something better left to the professionals. Marble is a heavy stone, but it is also quite delicate. The porousness of marble makes it easy to break or crack if it isn’t handled with care. Marble slab installation should be done by at least 2 people. If you do choose to install marble slab yourself, take care to ensure you have measured the area and the marble several times, because once it is cut or drilled, there is no turning back. Marble will make a spectacular addition to any bathroom, and the correct installation is part of the appeal.

Caring for Marble Slabs

As previously noted, marble is a porous natural stone. That shouldn’t turn you away from considering it on your bathroom renovations however. When it is polished, and sealed correctly, it can be just as durable as other man made applications. Marble should be cared for as directed by your natural stone retailer. There are several things that can cause damage to your marble slabs. Acidic cleaners and foods or drinks will cause staining to marble that could cause permanent damage. Ensure that all spills are cleaned as soon as they occur.  Use only marble approved cleaning products. Be sure to dry all moisture from your marble slabs as soon as possible. Most importantly you should be sure to seal your marble regularly. Marble that is well looked after will provide you with a lifetime of elegance.